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PySeidon - A Data-Driven Maritime Port Simulation Framework

python, geoplotlib, geojson, esper, fysom

Repository Paper

Extendable and modular software for maritime port simulation. PySeidon can be used to explore the effects of a decision introduced in a port, perform scenario testing, approximate Key Performance Indicators of some decision, create new data for various downstream tasks (e.g. anomaly detection).

Software project born as part of MaRBLe 2.0.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

python, pytorch, tensorflow, textblob, spacy

Repository Blog post

I built a tool that analyzes the comments under a New York Times article. Specifically, it looks at the aspects of a sentence and the sentiment associated with it.

Data Analysis course project

python, various music APIs (spotify, musicbrainz, audiodb, apple music), seaborn


Our main task was to find the most representitive Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering song. As the primary dataset we used the YouTube music playlist that was shared among students attending the Data Analysis course. Everyone could freely edit it. We used many music APIs to craft a dataset that had interesting features of the songs appearing in the playlist such as tempo, key, danceability, etc. We explored the data and present our findings in the aforementioned video.

Analysis of Signal Messenger chat for relationship anniversary

adobe xd, python, matplotlib, nltk

Reddit post

Scripts customizing my personal computer experience


I use i3 window manager and spent quite a few hours making it look nice and comfy.


This little Julia script allows me to easily answer the question "How well am I sleeping?".


I like keeping track of the tasks I need to do and which ones are most important and urgent. I like it even more when that visualization is minimal and in the terminal.

I use arch linux, btw.