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Causality study - How Social Networks Influence One's Decision To Insure


python, causality, dowhy, networkx


We look at an experiment that investigated how the social environment of rice farmers in rural China influences whether they purchase weather insurance, along with other variables such as demographics or whether they have previously adopted weather insurance.

Measuring and mitigating factual hallucinations for text summarization


python, pytorch, text summarization, hallucination measurement, hallucination mitigation


Advancements in NLG have improved text generation quality but still suffer from hallucinations, which lead to irrelevant information and factual inconsistencies. This paper provides an ensemble of metrics that measure whether the generated text is factually correct. Using these metrics we find that fine-tuning is a fruitful hallucination mitigation approach whilst prompt engineering is not.

Towards counterfactual logics for machine learning


python, counterfactual logic, counterfactual explanations


In this project, I have explored the connections between the informal, but practical, counterfactual explanation generation method and the formal semantic frameworks for counterfactuals. Specifically, I described a restricted notion of soundness and completeness and attempted to prove it for CE generation and variation semantics. I have succeeded in proving soundness but not completeness. Lastly, this paper provides ideas for further investigations in this area, and intuitions how completeness may be still achieved.

Topomodels in Haskell


haskell, modal logic, topology

Repository Report Presentation

We provide a library for working with general topological spaces as well as topomodels for modal logic. We also implement a well-known construction for converting topomodels to S4 Kripke models and back. Furthermore, we developed correctness tests and benchmarks which are meant to be extended by users. Thus, this work serves as a solid starting point for investigating hypotheses about general topology, modal logic, and their intersection.

Domain Theory and its Topological Connections


denotational semantics, lattice theory, topology


Researched and succinctly summarized an introduction to Domain Theory for MSc Logic students as part of our Topology In and Via Logic course. In the presentation we put some emphasis on the topological connections with the theory.

BSc Thesis - Formal Verification of Deep Neural Networks for Sentiment Classification


python, pytorch, julia, NeuralVerification.jl

Repository Thesis Presentation

I conducted research on verification, a technique that guarantees certain properties in neural networks. My focus was on the effectiveness of existing verification frameworks used in networks for sentiment classification, given the limited research in concrete NLP verification. Additionally, I explored the latent space attributes of various text representation methods. My findings reveal that the latent space created by an autoencoder, trained using a denoising adversarial objective, is effective for confirming the robustness of networks engaged in sentiment classification and for interpreting the outcomes of verification tools.

PySeidon - A Data-Driven Maritime Port Simulation Framework


python, geoplotlib, geojson, esper, fysom

Repository Paper

Extendable and modular software for maritime port simulation. PySeidon can be used to explore the effects of a decision introduced in a port, perform scenario testing, approximate Key Performance Indicators of some decision, create new data for various downstream tasks (e.g. anomaly detection).

Software project born as part of MaRBLe 2.0.

Data Analysis course project


python, various music APIs (spotify, musicbrainz, audiodb, apple music), seaborn


We wanted to figure out the most representitive song of our course. As the primary dataset we used the YouTube music playlist that was shared among students attending the Data Analysis course. Everyone could freely edit it. We used many music APIs to craft a dataset that had interesting features of the songs appearing in the playlist such as tempo, key, danceability, etc. We explored the data and present our findings in the aforementioned video.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis


python, pytorch, tensorflow, textblob, spacy

Repository Blog post

I built a tool that analyzes the comments under a New York Times article for my Natural Language Processing course. Specifically, it finds aspects (topics) in a sentence and predicts the sentiment associated with them. This approach allows to get a more nuanced opinion regarding various sentiments mentioned in sentences, not just the average sentiment of the sentence.

Analysis of Signal Messenger chat for relationship anniversary


adobe xd, python, matplotlib, nltk

Reddit post

Scripts customizing my personal computer experience


I use i3 window manager and spent quite a few hours making it look nice and comfy.


This little Julia script allows me to easily answer the question "How well am I sleeping?".


I like keeping track of the tasks I need to do and which ones are most important and urgent. I like it even more when that visualization is minimal and in the terminal.